Become our Game Ambassador


Monetize your fanbase and influence

As an ambassador, you become a big part of our crypto family and an integral leader of the Olympus Game community, that allows you to get unique prizes, support, accesses and discounts.

6 reasons to become our Ambasador now

1. Closed Server

Get invited to the Discord server and receive exclusive tools and support!

2. Result-Based Bonus

The more active and larger your audience, the more privileges you’ll get. We will calculate the effectiveness of your content and reward you with tokens and NFTs.

3. Network Expand

Get in touch with our team, blockchain experts and crypto influencers of our gaming space.

4. Recognition and Influence

Become an official representative of Olympus Game.

5. Get rewarded

We take care of our ambassadors, giving prizes, NFT, tokens and BUSD.

6. Exclusive Access

Hear firsthand about Olympus Game’s upcoming features, official releases and exclusive news.

What am I supposed to do as an Ambassador?

  • Spread the Word
  • Promote the Project
  • Contribute to its Growth
  • Educate your Audience
  • Let your Imagination go Wild
  • Contribute Regularly

I Want to be an Ambassador! How?

We invite crypto enthusiasts, bloggers, influencers, gamers, creators and just passionate people from all over the world to become our Olympus Ambassadors.

If you have 1000+ followers in your social networks, then be sure to join us by following these steps:

Fill the Form
Get an Invitation
Create Content
Enjoy your Rewards
Ready? Let’s Do It! Apply Now
Ready? Let’s Do It! Apply Now

Need some UI elements? Use our Media Kit! Be Creative!


Any more questions or doubts?

Only you are responsible for the content being released. It’s not a job, it’s your pleasure. You can publish posts whenever you want. But remember, your reward is based on results.

We will evaluate the result by specific KPI, for example, the number of joined new unique users in the community or unique connected wallets to the game. You can also use the referral link. The better the result, the bigger your reward.

In #OlympusGame size matters. We invite people from all over the world with more than 1000 subscribers in any social network. From LinkedIn to Twitch.

Joining #OlympusGame does not guarantee any potential perks. We will provide our Ambassadors with the best perks and support possible, but this will be decided by Olympus Game on an on-going basis and may change over time. Ambassador role is a voluntary position, without a salary.